S.H. Figuarts Ryuu Ranger

DSCN0109       “Wow, that’s badass!” is what Gosei Sentai Dairanger makes me think. With the comedic and goofy-looking heroes there were over the past several years like Fourze and the ToQgers, it’s refreshing to realize how much energy the rangers from this Sentai season convey through the screen; constant shouts, amazing choreography and the Qi power they yield. Seriously, Toei had the perfect cast members and stunt team, and they make me wanna shout “TENSHIN DAAA!!!” If only I had the Aura Changer…

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LVUR Ex-Aid Diorama


“Time flies like an arrow” is an expression I use often ever since I heard it for the 1st time in middle school. But dang, 9 freakin’ months? That’s about the equivalent of 2 college semesters isn’t it? But whatever the heck it is that reminded me of this forgotten article, I’m glad to revise it because the draft from January was horrible and was not straight to the point. Wait, maybe having 4 sentences in this paragraph already isn’t straight to the point either…

Anyway, I made a diorama for the first time based for the LVUR Ex-Aid as I mentioned last time. Based on one of Toei’s first official images released for Ex-Aid, I created the set with affordable materials.

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LVUR 01 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer


Chances are you may have guessed some of the past Kamen Rider motifs right, but did you see video games coming? On top of the vivid color scheme, the controller-looking chest, and the eyes that made online fans in Japan confused, this guy actually levels up like in an actual video game. This may be one the reason that Ex-Aid’s concept goes so well with toy, at least in my opinion.
So here is a review of LVUR 01 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer, released from Bandai for 4,200 yen (about 42 U.S. dollars) on Oct. 01, 2016 in Japan. I haven’t bought any Rider figures in the past four years, so I was really looking forward to getting this bad boy in my hands because I’m starting to really dig the design and the show. So without further due, let’s let the game start.


The figure looks absolutely beautiful. The proportion is good and the pink definitely stands out. The major parts are molded with good detail, especially the Gamer Driver; the word “GAMER DRIVER”is actually molded on the belt rather than making it a plain flat surface. The chest armor has a sticker with a translucent piece above, which adds a nice shine to the figure.

Articulation-wise, this figure has just enough joints to reenact decent action poses. The only let-down would be that the hip joint moves with a hinge and not a balljoint, which has been the case since Kamen Rider Wizard’s WAP! was released, because it limits the range of movement the legs can make.


The mask is surprisingly well-made too. Both the front and back eyes can be seen through the clear goggles. I would say, however, it is a little sad the eyes on the back don’t change black. Since the face does slide up and down as part of the Level 1 transformation process, it would have been nice to have it eyeless using that gimmick.





Included weapons are the Gashacon Breaker in hammer and sword modes. It has no paint job whatsoever, but they are both highly detailed. The hammer mode is especially made large and looks very nice, so thumbs up to Bandai on that. Big weapons are always badass.

This figure also comes with the level 1 body, applied with minimal paint, that combines with Ex-Aid as well as the other LVUR figures to reenact their Level 1 states. The holes on the hands allow it to hold weapons.




The tranformation process looks quite painful. Bend and swivel the the knees of Level 2 180 degrees, put the chest piece on Level 1’s chest, and slide up the back face so the pin on the Level 1 body goes into the slit that shows.

The resulting figure is, not gonna lie, not the best-looking figure due to the unbalanced proportion because Level 2 has to fit. What makes it look worse is that the shoulders are located toward the chest rather than the sides of the body, which also makes posing a little difficult.

Therefor this gimmick feels as if it’s just optional but nonetheless, it is still a fun feature. In case this isn’t enough to have fun with, Bandai has offered a solution to order a Preimum Bandai exclusive Level 1 Ex-Aid figure. Yep, the usual get-it-online-for-more-option.




So that is it for the review of LVUR Ex-Aid Action Gamer. The excitement I had was real when the package arrived, and man was I happy to open it.  The level up idea of the Ex-Aid riders is indeed a fun factor as a toy because it gives a drastic change from a chubby six-year-old look into a fully grown adult body. Being able to physically and visually see the change in your hands looks like the hero has actually leveled up. It is also just fun looking at the poses because of the combination of green and pink that adds a huge visual impact and the obvious Super-Nintendo-inspired chest armor. If you’re a fan of the show and rider, it is definitely a must-buy, including those who weren’t big on the design at first.

By the way, this was my first time making a diorama of any kind. It’s something I always wanted to do, so I decided to make on since it had been long since I bought a Rider action figure. I made it based on the design of one of the first official Ex-Aid images released. It looks simple, but it actually took quite a while to make. I will post another article on the making of this set sometime soon.



Playing Cyber Troopers Virtual-On on the sega saturn is on my bucket list. My only experience with the game was on Windows back in kindergarten. I luckily found the disc for Windows a few years ago, but apparently it doesn’t work ably on PC’s of nowadays. But does that mean I got no reason to buy this beautiful piece of art from Bandai? Not at all! 

So today’s review is COMPOSITE Ver.Ka Temjin from the original Cyber Troopers Virtual-On, released from Bandai in 2010 for 5040 yen. Though it’s been 6 years since the release, the quality is still decent compared to action figures from recent years.

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HISTORY – Queen[JINX Dance Cover]

You know what really sucks about having a computer? When the wifi stops working properly all of a sudden, so you have to use the university library’s computer to do homework and update your blog. That’s why I haven’t been able to stay active recently….

Anyway, JINX is back with a ‘Queen’ dance cover (with some shit along the way)! just like our previous ‘Feel So Good’ dance cover, we had a mini photo session so please check it out!

Victoria, JINX’s co-leader, just recently invited me to do this cover but to be honest, like Victoria herself says, we had only a few days to practice this dance so…. yeah, we only had a few days. We can guarantee a better dance for our next cover soon!

Aside from dancing, I am currently working on a review for Composite Ver. Kai Temjin from Bandai. I am planning post it by the end of May, so stay tuned!

Follow JINX on social media and check out our previous cover is part of 1theK’s official fan cover clip!

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‘Feel So Good’ Official ‘Fan Cover Clip’

Good morning, HERO-ZUKI here.

I received a message form the JINX leader in our group chat while I was eating breakfast in the dining hall. The message was attahced with a screenshot from our dance cover video of B.A.P’s ‘Feel So Good’ with the 1theK logo.

First I thought it was a legit-looking photo one of the members made, but it turned that our cover video was in the official fan cover clip from 1theK’s official YouTube channel!

1theK is a YouTube channel of LOEN Entertainment, a South Korean record lable, that posts videos of various K-pop musicians’ performances.

We are all (at least the members who are awake and aware of this situation as of now) delighted to be chosen as of one the teams to be in the video out of all 162 entries from 42 countries(how ironic is it that I belong to an American team despite of being Japanese?). 

I’ve been into K-pop little by little and day by day since I joined the team. It is overwhelming to think that B.A.P (especially Jongup) saw our dance and we actually got to be in the video. I literally screamed a little in the dining hall.

I am happy I was able to encounter the team members and make this wonderful memory with them before transferring to another college.

The dance cover we sent for the contest is below!

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DX Ghost Driver

Kamen Rider Ghost has been my favorite rider season after Wizard, so there was no way I was not going to buy this. Think about it, it’s an eye ball inserted into a face with only one hole for the eye that changes the protagonist into a superhero. I thought things couldn’t get any weirder after seeing Fourze’s suit. So this time I am reviewing the DX Ghost Driver that was released in 10/3, 2016 at an open price.

The video above demonstrates the gimmicks of the toy and this article covers a little more detailed description of the product.

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5 Core Dynoprisms (Ver. 2 Energems)


The day has finally come for me to review the 5 core gorgeous looking Dynoprisms, aka the 2nd version of the Energems from the PlasticGeek ! Back in early 2015, PlasticGeek actually made all 11 Energems and sold them on his store. I saw both his and customers’ photos of them, and they were very nice looking. But this time he upgraded them with a more show accurate sculpture and released them as the 2nd version.

These Dynoprisms were made available online towards the end of last year and are still sold on PlasticGeek’s online store for $35.00 each (+shipping) alongside the graphite, purple, and the all-new aqua Dynoprism, with the gold one being $36.50.

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Gems and Dancing

CdU25ZzUMAEX5vW (1).jpg

Hello guys, this is HERO-ZUKI.

Thanks to social media, I’m getting viewers from Both Japan and the States, and surprisingly I had one view from the UK as well. I am delighted to know my blog is being viewed from multiple countries and appreciate those who take their time and visit this blog.

Currently, I am on spring break and back to my house, meaning I got the energems from the PlasticGeek! I won’t say much about it for now, but I must say that they look absolutely beautiful. As I have said before on social media, I will write an article about them sometime soon.

Aside from the energems, my plans for now are to also post articles about the Ghost Driver and Gaburevolver by the summer. I will make those reviews available via youtube as well, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting this blog, and I hope you to visit again!



I have recently joined the K-pop club JINX in my university to dance since it seems like it’s become my new hobby. The club members have a youtube account and several videos of their performances.


We recorded Feel So Good by B.A.P and it will be on the channel one of these days and I’m in it too. It’s my new hobby and my moves are horrible even as a beginner compared to the skilled members, but I am hoping to improve them. I would appreciate if you take a look at the channel!